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The stars are aligned. The end is drawing near.
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I think I saw you; you’re such a heavenly view
happy birthday livy, sweetest of sweathearts

A Choice With No RegretsLevi, Erwin, Farlan and Isabel

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Anonymous: What kind of kissers are the Karasuno boys + Oikawa?


Sawamura: He takes the lead, slow and gentle. Maybe even a bit of lip biting. 

Sugawara: Deep and passionate - can be either heartfelt or more lust filled, depending on the setting.

Asahi: Either chaste and gentle, or fervent and heated. There is no in between for him.

Nishinoya: Slightly over-zealous at times, but sweet nonetheless.  

Yamaguchi: Initially awkward, but becomes more comfortable and warm. He would love a bit of tongue in there.

Tsukishima: Dominating yet controlled - he would be very intimate about it.

Tanaka: Slightly rough, or pleasantly gentle - depending on the mood.

Kageyama: Surprisingly tender and heartfelt.

Hinata: Charming and sweet, either chaste kisses or deeper ones - both are equally as sincere.

Oikawa: A bit of tongue, a bit of lip biting. Incredibly hot.

Hey, what’s wrong? We will break their streak in one go!

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The one and only — Tsukiyama Shuu.

F R E E ! Eternal Summer || End Cards 1-12 


The one true enemy of sport anime


Hirunaka no Ryuusei | Colored by 

free! episode 13

me: what about sousuke?
kyoani: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯